Veterans Holiday Celebration


City of Santa Ana

City of Sierra Madre

Veterans Holiday Celebration
Beth Ann Porter - Entertainment Manager

"The Veterans Holiday Celebration was such a huge success and I owe a big portion of that greatness to The UnderCoverGirls.
This year the caliber of music was exponentially elevated with your participation."

Baseballers Against Drugs
Jim Dantona 

"... It is with great pride and confidence that I recommend the award-winning UnderCoverGirls.  This group is an electrifying, classy group of rockers who bring new life to classic hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. ..."

Concert in the Park
CCNSAN Board Members​

"The UnderCoverGirls were awesome! Having a captivating band like yours was an excellent way of bringing our neighbors together. Your talented group enabled us to stage this event with a great deal of success."

City of Sierra Madre
Michael Strickland​

"The UnderCoverGirls were top class all the way. Great sound and great audience interaction. The place was jumping!"



"High energy and very entertaining."
--R. Patrick Donnelly, General Chairman, Silverado Days

"UnderCoverGirls, We love you!!  Thank you so much for providing such great entertainment for our Halloween Carnival Fundraiser.  As always, you have helped to make our event more of a success."
--  El Marino Language School PTA

"I received great compliments from the sponsor (Wells Fargo) and the city about your performance.  I will keep in you in mind for any future events.  The UnderCoverGirls are awesome, and as I say, Music has no language.  You made this Festival a great success."
-- Martha Ceja, MCG Entertainment Booking 

"I had the pleasure of seeing The UnderCoverGirls live at the Las Vegas Bike Fest last month. Talk about being impressed!?! These gurlz had it together. The vocals, the musicianship, and the stage antics - AMAzing! After being in this biz for over 15 years, you rarely get a chance to see something different, but they are even better than that. You really gotta see them to understand just how good they really are!”
-- John Collins, Classique Productions, Inc.

“Each year I put a lot of effort into finding at least one band that either consists of all women or features a woman lead singer. This year I made a GREAT find! Your performance garnered the first standing ovation with requested (or should I say demanded) encore.  The audience loved not only the talent you each demonstrate, but the energetic and fast-paced show!”
-- Pam Schwartz, Full Throttle Events – Las Vegas Bike Fest

“Thank you for a great concert in the park. I have heard many positive comments about your performance, and everyone that I have spoken with enjoyed the evening. “  
-- Theresa Bruns – San Dimas - Director of Parks & Recreation“

"I was really burnt out and the UnderCoverGirls really woke me up. They were great! They were the kick in the pants that I needed that night. I started looking for my old Go-Go's tapes because of them playing Head Over Heels."
-- Ryan, DJ, The Rainbow Bar & Grille

"Nothing rocks harder than synchronized jumping. fantastic show... "
-- Alex

"The girls were fabulous! They were not only professional with great attitudes,
and they play great music to boot!"
-- Tony Caligagan, Entertainment Coordinator www.heatwaveproductions.com

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for playing with us on such short notice! I heard lots of compliments from members of the audience on both Eruption and the UnderCoverGirls! Looking forward to playing with both of your bands again!" 
-- Pam and the rest of Cheap Chick

"Great SHOW last night (at Brennan's) and your energy was totally amazing through all 4 sets. And if last night were a story it could have been something right out of a movie that included a bar brawl, husband to the rescue, 1/2 naked dancing crack addicts, prositutes (with a preference for keyboard players), mini mosh pits, turtles hiding in gig bags, singing band slut, champagne wishes & birthday cookies - it was a riproaring GOOD TIME!!!! YOU Ladies are the BEST! Thanks again for all the fun."
--Sharlene Mills, Independent Studio, Executive Consultant

"Hey, UnderCoverGirls, especially Jessica: Do u remember me? My name is Alyssa, from El Marino in culver city. You guys played last friday at my school for the winter dance thingie. I also requested a song for two of my friends? you know, Don't Speak? I asked for a slow-dance. well if you remember me, i wanted you to know that now, the girl that i wanted the song to play for, sings don't speak all the time. if you have time, can u email me back? if you can't i want you guys to know.........I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
-- Alyssa M.


L.A. County Fair - September 12:

"My husband and I enjoyed your show at the LA County Fair on Wednesday 09/12 and you gals ROCK. As we were leaving the Fair we enjoyed rocking out to your music. Party On!!"

"My wife and I saw you at the fair for the first time 9/12, very good energetic show, we were impressed and we don't impress easy."

"It was great to see you guys last night burnin' the house down at the fair...huge energy and great musicians! Thank you!"

"Saw your show at the fair tonight - you guys kick some major ass! You're quite inspiring. Great job and we look forward to seeing you again!"